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Hi, my name is Brian Bocott. I'm from Gig Harbor, Washington and I'm 25. I was injured May 29th, 1999 in a roll over car accident due to the driver falling asleep when I was 17. I was airlifted to Seattle's Harborview Medical Center and was admitted a C-6 complete quadraplegic. After a week of traction, and a surgery fusing my C-5 - C-7 vertabraes together, I was transferred to Good Samaritan, located in Puyallup. This hospital is the best in Washington for specializing in spinal cord injuries.
 After 3 months of extensive physical therapy I was released early because of insurance reasons. A few years later I was admitted to the University of Washington's medical center. I stayed there for two weeks learning self care things I didn't have the chance to at Good Samaritan. I was surprised to find out I was more of a C-7 incomplete, (not that this made things different).
 After finding out our awesome President outlawed, and wants nothing more than to do away with this wonderful, amazing, life changing technology, and years of stem cell research, my dad came across the International Spinal Cord Regeneration Center in Tijuana. At the time the center was only using blue shark stem cells, so we decided to use my own. As you probably know, the body decreases in generating stem cells when you're done growing around the age of 20.
 So for another year or so the research continued trying to find a place that would harvest my stem cells. No, no, no, and more no's, unless I had cancer or was part of some other research already in progress, I could not have this done anywhere in the states, thanks to the big Dub-ya. Finally, coming to a conclusion after yet months of more research, my dad made contact with the University of Monterrey, Mexico. They were delighted and excited to help me out after hearing my story and our plan to use my own stem cells by giving me 4 days of artifical growth hormone, which will then trick my body into thinking it's growing again.
 I would then be hooked up to a dialysis machine (blood filtering machine) and have my cells harvested, frozen, and flown to Tijuana to continue Dr. Ramirez's procedure. So off we went around the first of December 2006 to attack our plan. Everything has gone as planned, and I had my first injection of stem cells in January at the beautiful hospital Angelas in Tijuana.
 I am now waiting until March to have more injections done in a different area.
 I met Greg through Dr. Ramirez, a day after I was released from his clinic, and invited to dinner at his, and his wife's home in California. Greg was having the umbilical cord stem cell procedure done the next day. So this was his "last supper" before going on the extensive diet required after the procedure to help the growth of cells. Don't let Tijuana deceive you. Dr. Ramirez, and his staff of experts are very compassionate, and are the best there is in Mexico. They want nothing but to help people in these horrible situations. I would wish you all luck who decide to do this, but honestly, I don't think you'll need it.